Clark Home Group Launches Retail Consulting Division

BETHLEHEM, PA - Domaci and Clark Home Group co-founders Derrick and Warren Clark announced today the launch of Clark Retail Consulting. The mission of Clark Retail Consulting is to help small independent product-based retail brands start, grow and manage their businesses. 

Between Warren & Derrick, the pair have over 40 years of award-winning retail management, merchandising, and operations experience enabling them to offer their clients expert advice on a vast array of retail-related questions and creative services, including brand and merchandising strategies, website design and development, graphic design, implementation of best practices and more. They are known for providing high value, strategic solutions, and extraordinary client service that brings proven results and success.

"During these unprecedented times, changes in consumer retail habits have been accelerated which makes it all the more important to modernize operations and staying on top of the latest merchandising trends." said Warren Clark, Lead Merchandising Consultant for Clark Retail Consulting and co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Clark Home Group. 

"Customers want to shop wherever and whenever they want with the benefits of both the digital and physical experience. As retailers look for ways to differentiate in today's highly competitive market, personalization is a critical component for optimizing the customer's shopping experience," said Derrick Clark, Lead Operations Consultant for Clark Retail Consulting and co-founder and CEO of Clark Home Group.  

Clark Retail Consulting's practice areas will focus on Strategy, Selection and Implementation for all aspects of Customer Engagement, Product and Inventory Management, including Point of Sale (POS), Mobile Technology, e-Commerce, Order Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) / (CDP) and aspects of Merchandise Management. 

Clark Retail Consulting is a member of the Shopify Partners Program.

About the Clark Home Group

The Clark Home Group, founded in 2015 by Derrick & Warren Clark is a privately held holdings company of home furnishings small business retailers founded by Derrick and Warren Clark in 2015 and headquartered in Bethlehem, PA.  Consisting of both e-commerce and brick and mortar retail shops, the group's holding's include Domaci, Domaci Design Studio, Watson Loft, Christmas City Shoppe and the Find & Furnish Network. In partnership with Rebecca Additington, the team saw the opening of Ville & Rue by Domaci at 101 NQ in downtown Lancaster in 2019.